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Banning of Openload and one rule added.

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Banning of Openload and one rule added.

Postby buster2178 Tue Sep 20, 2016 2:54 pm

I have spoken with the admin and we will now be banning openload and other sites that act like openload.There were a few users abusing openload and members of Vitapirate had a hard time downloading from that site or just couldnt download from this site at all because of the constant ads popping up. The mods and admins will be helping out to removing openload and any sites that act like it in any other way. There were just to many complaints about the site and that people just couldn't use it.
Also one rule i said like to in-force, we would like it if you are posting links of games from other sites please take the time to test then post it at Vitapirate. If you do not test and people complain and you say you got it from a trusted site it will be moved to junkyard or deleted. This is not for to others please do your part if you are not dumping and testing your own games. Take some time download it test it out make sure it workes then post the link if everything is ok.

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