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VitaPiracy will soon be replaced totally with NGR.

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:03 pm
by ckv1212
Dear users,
After a poll ran within the staff, We've decided a total move to NextGenRoms.

there are many benefits to NextGenRoms as far as the software side is concerned. All games for the Vita and other systems that were here have been moved over to NextGenRoms completely.

The community is expanding at a healthy rate and I hope you all understand that the move was so that we can cater to other systems as well.

All VitaPiracy discussions can be continued on at NextGenRoms, And all megathreads will be kept to date over at Nextgenroms by our team.

If you created an account before the 12th of February on vitapiracy, You can login with your VitaPiracy account at nextgenroms.