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PSV-1000 has 2.5 GB of usable INTERNAL memory

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Re: PSV-1000 has 2.5 GB of usable INTERNAL memory

Postby Elyseux Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:16 pm

When I personally tried it out I was on a the most recent versions of both (pre-taiHenkaku).
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Re: PSV-1000 has 2.5 GB of usable INTERNAL memory

Postby MobCat Mon Dec 26, 2016 1:13 pm

The ur0: on my ps vita is already fill of crap :S like some app meta and trophies?? also i can wright to the ud0: partition as well its only around 200mb but it did have a empty PSP2UPDATE folder in it my guess is that's wear you ps vita update pup is temp stored maybe, ill have a poke at it tomorrow
anyway on the subject of this ur0: partition it would be cool if you could make a game that stored stuff there like save data or the game it self so you can change out the memory cards and not f**k up the game...dose anyone know if there is a way of testing the speed of the "drives" if this ur0: partition is faster then the ux0: partition it cool to put game textures in there or use it as a kinda cache system for games
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