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[How To] Enable PKG Installer in 3.60

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[How To] Enable PKG Installer in 3.60

Postby HisokaKFS Sun Sep 11, 2016 11:23 pm

- Requirements
Vita in 3.60 with HENKaku
DB Browser for SQLite
FTP Client like Filezilla

 ! Message from: ckv1212
Demo Mode can update your system without permission and soft-brick it. (Update it to 3.61 and get stuck in Demo Mode).

1. Modifying APP.DB
1.1 Enable FTP through Vitashell or Molecularshell
1.2 Connect to your Vita throught FTP using Filezilla or other, then go to ur0:shell/db and copy app.db to your PC. Made a backup of the archive
1.3 Open app.db with DB Browser for SQLite.
1.4 Now go to Browse Data and then open the table tbl_appinfo_icon.
1.5 Make a new entrance and insert this:

PageID: 4 (you can put any number, this refer to your page number of Vita)
Pos: 9 (you can put any number, this refer to bubble posicion in the page)
IconPatch: vs0:app/NPXS10031/sce_sys/icon0.png
title: ★Package Installer
type: 0
command: (leave it in blank)
titleid: NPXS10031
icon0type: 5
parentallocklv: 0
status: 0


1.6 Save the app.db and then put back on your Vita replacing the older app.db
1.7 Turn off your Vita
1.8 Now turn on your Vita and would have to be a new icon that is PKG Installer


2. Downgrading PKG Installer to get it works

2.1 First intall VitaRW and then load it, wait about 5-10seconds and close the application.

*** Be carefull when you are navigating in VS0 with VitaRW activated, you can damage your Vita seriously if you delete something

2.2 Now open Molecularshell and active FTP, connect from your PC and go to vs0:app and delete the folder "NPXS10031", once deleted,
put the new NPXS10031 from the rar you downloaded.
2.3 Reboot your Vita and PKG Installer will work now.


***Remember PKG Installer only allow to install PKG DRM Free.
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Re: [How To] Enable PKG Installer in 3.60

Postby MobCat Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:15 am

this is really cool man i go it to work now to just download some pkgs and see if it dose anything also because this is a system app you cant delete it but you can run it without HENtaku exploit running this dose give me some cool idears for trying to manually install system apps this way i did try installing mGBA as a system app but it dident work for me anyway ill keep poking around at this and try not to brick my vita >__< thanks again man
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