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Request Tally Sticky

Postby Vita Queen Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:17 pm


I would like to request a creation and subsequent sticky of a tally thread for VPK requests in the Request section. This will enable us to quickly see what has the most demand, which could very well help certain uploaders in determining what content they should add to our respective dump lists next, and what they should scurry around the internet for. I know the latter can be accomplished by literally everyone but I figured it would be something to do for those uploaders who're going that extra mile for this community. The tally would be relatively easy to keep track of and we can organize it in a few ways.

For example, we can segregate certain games based on the amount of requests they have in their respective thread. For example, if Disgaea 3 has three requests then it would be a low priority compared to something like God Eater which has 20 requests. We would then add this information in the sticky and can organize it like so:

Top Most Requested - (20 requests or more)
God Eater
Gravity Rush
Killzone: Mercenary

Frequently Requested - (10 requests or more)
Darkest Dungeon
Rayman Origins

Rarely Requested - (5 requests or more)
Disgaea 3
Plants Vs. Zombies
Freedom Wars

Afterwards, if a game gets uploaded then we'll just simply hyperlink it to the respective dump thread for someone to download hence Plants Vs. Zombies. This would would sort of blend in with the Vitamin and MaiDumpTool lists since they'll both offer list of games people can get their hands on but I feel as though the main tally feature of the sticky would enable it to be its own separate thing. Then again, I suppose instead of doing that we could add a strike-through of the uploaded game and then add a link to one of the two "MEGA" dump threads that will have all the games they're looking for including the one they saw crossed off in the request sticky. All they would have to do then is search, or use ctrl + f to find what they're looking for. What do you guys think?

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