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taiHEN and taiHENkaku Released

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taiHEN and taiHENkaku Released

Postby PredatorX97X Wed Nov 02, 2016 4:24 pm

The day has come everyone! The KOTH challenge has been broken and so Team Molecule have finally updated HENkaku to the last stage… and what a stage it is. This is possibly not only Yifan Lu’s dream, but everyone else’s dream as well. TaiHEN (a custom firmware framework) and taiHENkaku have been announced and released for users on PS Vita firmware 3.60, however they are still in beta stage so be wary that not everything might be working until they go for a stable release. As of now, Yifan recommends that normal users stay on HENkaku R6 and I can confirm that stuff like PSN Spoofing isn’t working yet. But now let’s take a look a what taiHEN and taiHENkaku are, shall we?

What is taiHEN?

taiHEN is the name given by Team Molecule to their framework on which the new version of HENkaku runs. It is built to be a way for developers to create system patches to modify functions on the PS Vita or, in layman’s terms, it is a way to load plugins at the system level like you were used to on the PSP allowing you to change/add function to your console. taiHEN is NOT a new exploit and the entire system of HENkaku has been ported to this new taiHEN which is why the new version is named taiHENkaku. The other great thing about taiHEN is that it is firmware agnostic, as Yifan Lu explains on his blog, meaning that it is not dependent on any specific firmware version allowing it to be ported to other firmware versions should anyone find an exploit on newer firmware versions. I need to reiterate that this does not mean that taiHEN/taiHENkaku run on newer firmwares, you need to stay on 3.60 for now. It just makes it easier to get taiHENkaku to run on those firmware if someone finds an entry point. According to Yifan Lu the possibilies that taiHEN allows for are endless

What is taiHENkaku?

Now we get to the fun part (and the one you guys care about the most) which is the next version of HENkaku, taiHENkaku. As stated in the last paragraph, taiHENkaku is the new version of our favorite “homebrew loader” ported to this new framework that Team Molecule have been working on since the original HENkaku release. While it does turn HENkaku into a fully-fledged custom firmware, currently it is in beta state and I said in the opening paragraph of this article, I do not recommend that you update right away since stuff like PSN Spoofing does not work… yet. Yifan has promised that it will be fixed in the coming days, but in his own words, this is the reason for the beta release of taiHENkaku

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