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[PSA] Download and backup ANY PSP game or demo

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[PSA] Download and backup ANY PSP game or demo

Postby Elyseux Sat Oct 22, 2016 8:25 pm

So if you haven't heard yet, recently TheFloW has been teasing a release for a fully custom firmware for the part of your 3.60 Vita running Henkaku that emulates the PSP on his Twitter, which will apparently be called "6.61 Adrenaline". And yes, AFAIK this does let you run PSP dumps and homebrew on your Vita.

So, just in case you won't be able to do so in the future, I suggest downloading any PSP game/demo from the PSN right now to be able to use this CFW. Personally I installed the LocoRoco Midnight Midnight Carnival demo, which is free, but here's a list of small and/or free PSP games/demos on the PSN for each region right now:
  • NA:
    LocoRoco Midnight Carnival(free demo, 190-ish MB) Petz Saddle Club(free demo, 170-ish MB) Alien Zombie Death(not free, 9 MB), and Talk Man Tokyo (2.99, 20 MB)
    Ape Quest(free demo, 200 MB)
    ASIA:(region 3)
    Ape Quest(free demo)
    *credits to BaconClaw for compiling this list over at Reddit
This CFW, along with the info that the PSV-1000 model has 2.5 GB of usable space in ur0, has made the PSP side of the Vita a lot more interesting (AFAIK you can potentially store PSP dumps in ur0).

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