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VPK Editor 1.1

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VPK Editor 1.1

Postby BxThorne Sat Nov 26, 2016 6:30 pm

VPK Editor v1.1 by Qberty

VPKEditor 1.1, give your homebrew LiveAreas the makeover you want
by Typhoon_Neon
Not all of the useful homebrew releases come in the form on native files that you can run on your console. Sometimes they come in the form of tools you can use on your computer to help you with the stuff you do on your console - QCMA being one of the prime examples in this category.

This time however, I am here to tell you guys of a new tool called VPKEditor by developer qberty. This tool has a simple purpose: to let you edit the look of the LiveArea background and icon of any vpk file you want! The best part of this tool is that not only can it edit that part of any homebrew (you can finally add your own graphics to Moonlight Vita or RetroArch easily) and this tool is also cross-platform, supporting Windows, Mac and Linux! Oh, and it can also edit the vpk files dumped with MaiTool!

What is VPKEditor?
VPKEditor is a tool for your computer that allows you to change the icons and background for both your homebrew and games dumped using MaiDumpTool. It was created by developer qberty and supports all OSes making it usable for pretty much everyone. If you aren't happy about the look of some of your games or homebrew, this will allow you to do something about it!


Opens any VPK file designed for the PS Vita
Lets you change the icon, the livearea icon, and the livearea background image
Automatically converts the images (from JPEG or PNG) to the correct bit-depth (8 bit) supported by the PS Vita
Mai Dump ZIP support
If there’s enough interest, I’ll continue to work on adding more features to it (like editing the template.xml with your own text).

-Wololo!PUV1VZYC!UNeOqID-ZPgJ ... Wqwcf13NN4 or Qberty Site
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Re: VPK Editor 1.1 by qberty

Postby leslie2007 Mon Nov 28, 2016 3:49 am

I'm interested.. if you can make a homebrew application maker why not?

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