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Guide for Beginners: MaiDumpTool Installation & Usage Guide

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Guide for Beginners: MaiDumpTool Installation & Usage Guide

Postby Kanon Schreiber Tue Dec 27, 2016 7:04 am

An homebrew capable of decrypting & installing game backups
Works the same like the Vitamin homebrew

Vita Shell was Developed by BeniYukiMai translated by LioMajor
Translated Release:
Developer's Hub:

- Extract / Unzip the game file you downloaded
- The extracted folder will give you folder(s) in the following naming convention:

PSCB00986 - Game Folder. This contains the Base Game only
PSCB00986_patch - Update Folder. This contains the updates & bug fixes
PSCB00986_addc - DLC folder. This contains add-ons for the base game

- Inside the ux0 directory, create a folder named 'mai' (without the apostrophe)
- Copy and Paste the game folder(s) inside the mai folder directory

- Close any other homebrew apps then launch MaiDumpTool

The following are the options you should see
01 Extract, decrypt game
02 Install game from folder
03 Install patch from folder
04 Install DLC from folder
05 Switch game loading (valid for games decrypted and installed from Mai)
06 Download latest Mai Tool
07 Display Info

- Given that you have already pasted the Base Game folder into the mai folder,
This folder should contain the game files, NOT another folder showing the same name
- Select the second option, [Install game from folder]

- Paste the Update folder into the mai folder,
- Select the third option, [Install patch from folder]

- Paste the DLC folder into the mai folder,
- Select the fourth option, [Install DLC from folder]
- Once done, go back to the main menu
- Select the 5th option, [Switch game loading]
- Select the GAMEID where the DLC belongs to
- Select the 5th option 'Load mode 0+10 hook (supports plugin and DLC)'


- Wait for the installation to complete
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Re: Guide for Beginners: MaiDumpTool Installation & Usage Guide

Postby manohmanalive Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:54 am

I can't create a folder named "mai", every time I try I get error 0x8001000D. Any idea why or what I should do?

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