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Digimon World Next Order

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Digimon World Next Order

Postby @Raidouthe1st Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:33 am Updated V 0.3

This is a cheatengine table intended to edit this game's save. Im swamped with work so please help me with the items value address.
BTW i used this version viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1183 to make this cheat table

-install rincheat
-download the save through rincheat by first exporting save
-find the save in molecularshell/vitashell in ux0:data/rincheat/PCSH00261_SAVEDATA
-copy them saves to pc through ftp( then editing them with cheatengine through file then open file
-Any edit you make through this will be permanent without needing to be saved so make sure to make a backup of the save before you edit them in case
-once satisfied transfer them back through ftp to ux0:data/rincheat/PCSH00261_SAVEDATA
-launch the game and open rincheat first then select import save before you load a game
-voila you will have a h4x game experience enjoy

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